How to upload third jar batch offline

in nxrm2 ,i can copy the jars( in fact is .m2 directory) from a online pc, and move it to the offline pc.
in nxrm3, it looks like the store type is not file, now it is in \sonatype-work\nexus3\blobs\default\content ,and i 'cant do it directly, how to upload so much jar in it .
and i see the rest api, it 's not a good idea , i want the jars keep their original artifactId and groupId

You’re right you cannot cherry pick flat files out of the blobstore in NXRM3.
However, you could download them and move them to the other server if you’re doing one at a time.
You could also copy the whole work directory.
I’m not clear why rest API is not a good idea.
It seems your issue is getting the components (rest would be fine?) and moving them over (not a nxrm issue).
Am I confused what you’re asking?