How to use ADMIN- Compact Blob store Task and for disc clean up

How to use ADMIN- Compact Blob store Task and for disc clean up.

we have already implemented task for delete maven snapshot old repositories but space is not promising even we are deleting fro nexus3.12 UI. is it safe to use compact blob store to clear space?

Sorry, I misread your original question slightly.

Most operations in NXRM are a soft delete which leaves the blobs on disk until compact is run. As long as your Nexus is in a good state (e.g. not experiencing issues), and you don’t believe you’ve accidentally deleted things you shouldn’t have it is safe to run.

We would generally suggest updating from 3.12 to a more recent release.

Thanks Matt,

so I can use compact blob store task to clear space on disc. How frequently we should do this?

There isn’t really a hard rule for how frequently you should do it - its entirely dependent upon how frequently assets are deleted on your instance. That said, you should consider it in conjunction with your backup strategy, if you’re backing up weekly but compacting daily some blobs may never make into your backups. Only you can decide whether this is an issue or not.

On a large instance it may take time to run if you haven’t previously so you may want to consider scheduling it for a quiet time (perhaps on a weekend?)