How to use external and internal authentication

Ok, I understand how to create users in Nexus, how to create roles and assign users to roles, and do the same when authenticating externally using say LDAP, but what I dont understand is how someone would authenticate with Nexus when using say APT.

If anonymous use was enabled on Nexus then I could be logged into my Linux client as say user fred, and assuming the client had been setup to use a proxied repo on Nexus I could simply do yum update/apt update and I would be able to pull down any appropriate repos.

Same scenario except anonymous access is disabled - how would I authenticate against the Nexus server in order to look for and pull down repos ?.

Both formats you mentioned allow you to configure your clients to authenticate with repository:

  • APT: in your sources.list you can specify deb https://user:password@nxrm.local/debian
  • YUM: in your yum.repos.d you can specify username and password keys, or embed them into the URL as in APT