How to use maven index from Eclipse configured with Nexus Repository Manager 3.14.0-04 OSS

I am using Eclipse 2019-12 and I have set the option to download index upon startup. When I open the Maven Repository view, I see under Global Repository the nexus repository manager configured as a maven central proxy (company.repository) followed by maven central (central) and the same nexus manager for snapshots (company.snapshots). company.repository has Full index enabled, central has Index details disabled and company.snapshot has Minimum index enabled.

With this configuration, I am unable to have eclipse use the index. This is the case even if I set central to Full index enabled.

Is there a set of instructions somewhere (believe me I have searched) or could someone describe how to make this work?

Have you configured and run a task to publish maven indexes in Nexus Repo? That will be needed. This can be done under system —> tasks.