How To Use Sonatype if it only has 1 level file system?

Hi There,

My company is adopting Sonatype Nexus OSS for the first time.

Upon our POC, we found that Sonatype only has a single level file system. But we have many different products, from different development teams. It makes grouping files or related products together into a folder.

How do we use this? Whats the best practice? We cant be having 1 isntance of Sonatype for each department? (or is that the expected practice…)

We eventually would like to use Ansible to grab the artifacts of the desired product from Sonatype and deploy them accordingly.

What kind of artifacts are you dealing with? Typically you would create repositories and create a strategy around those that make the most sense, but I think we’re missing a bit of context about what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish to be able to provide any guidance.

Hi Stephen,

Few things we want to store:

  • Docker Images (With version control)
  • Environment Configs
  • App Configs
  • Java Applications
  • Basic Webpage Codes

You said ‘create respositories’. You mean Sonatype can create multiple repositories?

Hey Bryan,

Yeah, that’s a foundational aspect of repository servers like Sonatype Nexus. You create create multiple repositories for each format the server supports. In your case, probably docker, raw/generic/webcode, and likely Maven for your java stuff, but that might depend on what you mean by "java application. And really I only mess with Raw and NuGet repos, everything else is a bit foreign to me :slight_smile:

There are a couple of best practice docs, as well as a wealth of free videos and learning courses. I’ve put a couple of links below.

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