ICYMI: Shift Left With Our Latest Plugins and Integrations

We’re excited to announce that we have multiple new integrations and plugins to help empower your development teams and get the most out of Sonatype Lifecycle:

  1. Sonatype for VS Code
  2. Sonatype Lifecycle - ServiceNow Integration
  3. Data Center Plugins

Here’s a little bit more about each of these exciting new plugins and integrations.

Sonatype for VS Code

Our Sonatype for VS Code extension is now available in the Visual Studio Marketplace. It’s now easier to surface and remediate issues in your workspace dependencies, a true Shift Left in application security for development teams.

You can use the extension to connect to Sonatype Lifecycle and evaluate dependencies against organizational policies. Drill down into all of your dependencies, examine each component version for violations, and easily determine if an upgrade or change to a different version is necessary.

With popular new features, including the component tree, Sonatype support, and the standard VS Code look and feel, this extension has what your team wants.

Sonatype Lifecycle - ServiceNow Integration

The Sonatype Lifecycle-ServiceNow plugin you’ve been waiting for is now available from the ServiceNow Store.

This integration will enhance how you interact with Sonatype Lifecycle. It will increase developers’ visibility into vulnerabilities within their applications, allowing them to quickly address and remediate the issues.

Development and security teams can now work together with less friction, addressing and resolving vulnerabilities effectively and efficiently.

New Data Center Plugins

We are excited to announce that the Sonatype for Bamboo and Jira Data Center plugins are now available in the Atlassian Marketplace:

  • Sonatype for Jira Data Center: Prioritize and track open source policy violations from Sonatype Lifecycle in Jira.
  • Sonatype for Bamboo Data Center: Seamlessly fortify your Bamboo CI/CD pipelines with Shift-left security for true and complete DevSecOps.

As you may be aware, Atlassian support for Server products ended on February 15, 2024. We recommend migrating to our new Data Center plugins promptly to ensure continued functionality and support. Please refer to our documentation for more details, including important information about uninstalling the previous plugin.

Comment below and share your thoughts on how these integrations and plugins can enhance your Sonatype Lifecycle experience. :point_down: