Improvements to Tree Browsing in Nexus Repository Manager 3.15

Delete Folder

An oft requested feature by users is the ability to delete a larger amount of content from repositories. With the 3.15 release while browsing the tree if a user selects a folder they have access to a new Delete Folder button in the right sidebar.

After the user confirms their choice Nexus Repository Manager will asynchronously remove the contents of the folder at the time of the request; files added later or which the user does not have the delete permission for will not be removed.

Snapshot Folders

Readers familiar with Maven may know that to produce consistent builds Maven maintains multiple builds of snapshots identified with a timestamp in the version. This often leads to a large number of files in a snapshot directory when one has multiple builds, artifacts and checksums. With 3.15, we’ve introduced synthetic nodes into the tree view representing these timestamps which should simplify the view for a user looking at a snapshot.


Quality of Life

As part of our ongoing research with users we’ve implemented a number of features suggested by people we spoke to. There are a few in particular we’d like to point out in browse which were added in this release:

  • The tree will now automatically expand until there is more than one node at that level of the tree saving extra clicks
  • Users will now be warned if the tree is currently being rebuilt and to check back later if they can’t find what they need.
  • The previous browse view used icons reflecting the file type, we’ve re-added this feature and added icons for many more types of files.
  • We preemptively check whether the user will have permission to delete a file and disable the button if they do not.

If you would like to provide feedback on Nexus Repository Manager, fill out our participation form to join a usability test or product team call.