In what Nexus version did/will Group Blob Store become available?

Hi all,

I notice that in the storage guide (Storage Guide) it talks about Group Blob Stores. I just upgraded to 3.15.2-01 OSS and I don’t see the “Promote to Group” option. What version should I be on to see the Promote to Group option?


Hello. Dynamic Storage was introduced in NXRM 3.15.0 ([release notes].(2019 Release Notes))

Log in as a user with admin privileges, navigate to Blobs Stores, click on a Blob Store and you should see the choice to promote.

Is this feature PRO only?

I cannot see it in the OSS version.

I notice the original poster said he was using OSS, but your screenshot shows a PRO version.

Can you confirm?

I checked the release notes and it states Professonal version only.

Gotcha. So, Storage Guide should probably be updated to indicate that feature is not in OSS.

Since that was supposed to be the solution to migrating from disk-based to S3 blobstores, is there something else in the pipeline that will allow OSS users to migrate?