Install new version nexus-3.34.1-01

Hi guys,

I’m trying get the new version of nexus-3.34.1-01 running (linux OS system, redhat).
When i try to run the service as: “sudo service nexus start” there is nothing happening.
The nexus.log file is also empty and generates no logging.

Does anybody have an idea where i have to look?



I also edited /etc/systemd/system/nexus.service and referred to the new version of nexus:

Description=StartStop for nexus to replace sysV init script

ExecStart=/apps/appdata/nexus-3.34.1-01/bin/nexus start
ExecStop=/apps/appdata/nexus-3.34.1-01/bin/nexus stop

#ExecStart=/apps/appdata/nexus-3.10.0-04/bin/nexus start
#ExecStop=/apps/appdata/nexus-3.10.0-04/bin/nexus stop


Can you try using the systemd setup documented here?


I had something similar, and then it turned out one of the sysadmins had changed the /tmp mount to mount it with the noexec flag.
This prevented Nexus from writing to /tmp and made it impossible to start. I got no warnings or errors in the Nexus.log.
When /tmp was mounted again without noexec Nexus started again without problems. My nexus.service script is similar to yours.

Hi guys,

We just found the problem.

The directory: /apps/appdata/sonatype-work/nexus3/db/component/
The chown was not correctly configured (root:rot). It has to be nexus:nexus.
After we changed the chown, nexus was starting and generating new logfiles.


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You should contact the administrator of your system.

If you are the administrator I suggest reading the documentation: Repository Manager 3