Installing IQ 3.1.1-01 plugin on Intellij-IDEA 2021.1


Need advice on installing IQ 3.1.1-01 plugin on Intellij-IDEA 2021.1 . It doesn’t appear to work for me. The plugin hangs and says “Loading” and doesn’t allow me to configure it. Is this a known issue? If so, can you link me the bug report?

Hello Jon,

Thank you for using our plugin. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.

We are aware of this issue and are working on resolving. The issue is related to the new, 2021.1 release. A workaround is to use a previous version of the IDE.

We have a ticket tracking our work which you can follow here:

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I don’t have permission to see that issue but thanks for letting me know you are working on it.

Finally, I got Intellij 2021.1.1 working with Nexus IQ plugin 3.3.1 .

The tricky part was, after building my project, i had to remove the https:// protocol part from the plugin config and then after wards put it back and now i got it working.

Also, when i first installed the plugin, the Nexus IQ tab/panel wouldn’t render any of the content within it but after restarting IntelliJ-IDEA a few times and reinstall the plugin a few times, I got it working finally.

It was really turkey to get it working.


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