Installing IQ for IDEA

I’m using the guide (IQ for IDEA) to install IQ for IDEA. I’m able to connect to the server, then I can select an application - Apply - OK. So, I expect the selected application will be opened in IDEA and the policy will be run against it. But, IDEA evaluates components of the application which were open in IDEA, not the one I selected as it says in guide. Is this the correct way? How to evaluate the components of a selected app? Or If I need to have a local copy of the application, what is the point to select the application from the dropdown when I’m configuring Nexus IQ.

Thank you!

Hi Svetlana! Welcome to the Community forum! I apologize for the confusion, but let me clarify things a little.

As you discovered, the IDEA plugin we provide does not open the application in your IDE. Its function is to evaluate the components which a developer is using in the application which they are currently working with. The reason you need to select an application name in the plugin configuration is so the plugin knows which policies it needs to apply when it identifies the components in the associated project which the IDE has brought down. The policies which have been configured in IQ will dictate the severity of any violations found with your components.

If you do need to scan an application outside of a CI task, you can either use the IQ CLI or upload through the IQ webapp a zipped copy of the application.

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Thank you so much for your explaination, @andres !

My pleasure! Sounds like you are well on your way, but we have a series of self-paced courses on our Learn site which might fill in the gaps for you or your team.

We do have a course specific to the IDE integration (IQ 102 - Nexus IQ In Your IDE) but I suspect that you might not require that. My suggestion is IQ 101 - Organizational Policies because it will give you a better understanding of how policies are going to be affecting the results you will see in the IDE.