Installing Nexus Repo 3 onto OpenShift issue with creation of Route

I’m attempting installation of the Nexus Repo Operator onto OpenShift v4.13 platform.
The Operator installs, however no Service or Route is created, so I can’t access the dashboard.
The install seems to complete successfully and the Pod is up and running.
However the Pod log states “Started Sonatype Nexus OSS 3.63.0-01”. So maybe hasn’t taken the license?
I followed instructions from here: Installing Sonatype Nexus Repository Using the OpenShift Operator.

There is not much other documentation I can find.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Satinder,

Thank you for your message. The Sonatype Nexus Repository HA Operator starts in OSS mode by default. However, as explained in steps 3 to 14 of documentation you have to create a Custom Resource and specify additional details including your Nexus Repository Pro license. If you have a Nexus Repository Pro license please contact Sonatype support for additional assistance.

Kind regards
Olu Shiyanbade