Introducing Learning Paths!

Visitors to our popular Learn site have likely noticed a few changes in recent weeks and months. A polished, new look; new content and courses; and a personalized dashboard where you can easily track your progress, to name a few.

While those changes are pretty big news, we’ve just rolled out something bigger. With the introduction of Learning Paths, we’re making the process of learning easier – and more comprehensive – than ever before. Prepare to set out on a journey (quite literally) where we’ll first provide a base of foundational knowledge, then guide you through milestones that represent higher-level understanding. Work your way through the milestones to reach “Journey’s End”, where you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion.

Like all Learn site content, learning paths are self-paced, meaning you can access the content as convenient for you – and revisit it as often as you like. With learning paths, however, we’ve collected content from across all Sonatype properties: Guides, help documentation, blogs, articles, and eLearning courses. We’ve done the legwork and amassed all of the expert-sourced materials for you, organized them logically, and presented them with your success in mind.

Take a look at the learning paths landing page and the list of paths below that we are rolling out with launch. Rest assured, as with everything on the Learn site, more is on the way!

Happy learning!