IQ Cookies Breaking Change Notice

Hi all,

Whats happening and why
I wanted to send out an informational notice regarding an issue we recently discovered with IQ’s settings for SameSite cookies. Due to browsers progressively changing the way cookies are handled it is necessary that we address it.

It turns out that our current setting for SameSite cookies in IQ which is set to LAX results in IQ not working within embeddable 3rd party applications. To address this we are going to change the setting from LAX to NONE; however, this change will only allow the embeddable view of IQ to properly work over HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Example of what to be mindful of
Specifically this will impact this link that you can find our API docs:
“embeddableReportHtmlUrl”: “ui/links/application/Test123/report/474ca07881554f8fbec168ec25d9616a/embeddable”,

An example of where IQ might leverage embeddable content for some customers could be in Jenkins, Confluence, SharePoint, or any other portal you might use.

When will you see this change?
When IQ 98 is released

Please let me know if you have any questions.