IQServer REST API for violation details

Reports API provides list of policy violations for a given application that includes policyId and a policyViolationId. I am unable to find an API that takes policyViolationId and respond with details of that specific violation. For example,

  1. Does this violation fail the build?
  2. Vulnerability details including the CVE id, description of the issue etc
    These details are shown on the IQ server pages when manually navigating but does not seem to be exposed via the API. Is the above information available in another API? Thanks

My IQServer version is “Release 169”

Hi @samr and welcome!

For the vulnerability details including CVE ID - take a look at Example 1 here: Report REST APIs (though you may have already found this)

For description of the issue, etc: An additional rest call is needed for this. Further information with examples can be found in: Vulnerability Details REST API

As far as the violation failing the build, I don’t believe there is an API that gives this info.

I hope this helps a little bit!