Is there any project to support freebsd binaries (with poudriere binary package *.txz)?

I would like to use poudriere to manage freebsd packages too, but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t have support.

I would like to know if there are already people working on it with a solution already ready or in progress. If not, I would like to know if there are people interested in helping me create this module, because I believe it is possible and that it would help a lot.

I imagine at least three ways to do it, but I don’t know how to work with the nexus properly, I downloaded the source, but it’s giving a dependency error, so it doesn’t leave the basics.

Also, I don’t know if what I have in mind meets the standards of what the community wants, my first contact with nexus is extremely recent.

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Hi Sileno,

You’re right, currently Nexus Repository does not have official support for FreeBSD packages and we don’t have it planned on our roadmap. However, we’ve found that some formats can work well-enough if you just use a Raw repository - please, give it a try!

Have a look at our community organisation on GitHub where we host some community plugins, including those that add support for new formats (they’re called nexus-repository-{format}): Sonatype Community · GitHub

We also have a Community for great like-minded people like yourself! Give it a shot, and hopefully you can find some collaborators to give you a hand or maybe even join you.

Here’s a section in our documentation that hopefully you’ll find helpful: Bundle Development

Good luck!

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Hi, I would like to add support for freebsd in Nexus, but I need help doing that, I don’t know how to work in Nexus. I would like help trying to implement a “nexus-repository-poudriere-binary”, but I need someone to discuss whether what I have in mind can be implemented (without having to make significant changes to the nexus) and leave this format open.

Basically, I imagine doing it in 3 (three) ways:

  1. Use the raw repository: Create a share via webdav or something and use a freebsd machine to actually create the repository structure, so just throw the “*.txz” in a folder and use “pkg repo” to create the indexes and other files to create a compatible repository with poudriere. (the middle ground)

  2. Use the raw repository: Make a script to synchronize all the contents of the ready-made repository on a freebsd machine (where the packages would go to it) and nexus would serve as a cache and access control. (the worst and fastest)

  3. Rewrite pkg (only the parts needed to manage package in relation to repository creation), porting from Unix to Linux and writing a new module “nexus-repository-poudriere” (the most time consuming)

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