Is there complete documentation for the "" file?

I am using the OSS version of NexusRepository.

I recently checked the release notes and found a topic of interest.
According to the release notes, variables can be changed in the “” file.

However, I could not find the relevant variables and possible values in the release notes (or on the blog).

Does anyone know of a page or blog that lists the variables that can be set in the “” file?

Best regards!

There is no comprehensive public list. If you look through the public source code you can likely identify some.

Some parts of the documentation will call out specific properties for specific features, but in general properties exist for tuning purposes so aren’t really useful without the assistance of our support team.

Thanks for the reply!

It is sad that there is no documentation.
I will try to gather the bits and pieces of information that have been written and see what I can do!