Issue Query Nexus NuGet Repository


We are seeing some odd behavior with our Nexus setup and I’m unable to see anything blindly obvious that would cause the behavior we are seeing.

At present we have a NuGet group repository, which has four member NuGet repositories each containing a number of nupkg packages. The packages inside these repositories were restored from an existing Klondike server.

The problem I’m having is that when I query the group repo for a NuGet package it often won’t return packages hosted in the member repos, however, when I query these member repos directly the package is returned without any issue. All the config we have in place looks to be correct, and some of the packages are being returned in the group repo just not all. The idea behind us wanting to use a group repo was to be able to query a single source for all of our packages.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced something similar as I’m unable to find anything useful out there.


Hi Andrew,

Is it always the same packages? If so do you have an example of a package that is successfully returned from a member but not the group? Also what version of NXRM are you using?



Thanks for the reply.

The packages differ, I just find it odd that we can query the underlying member repository fine but the group repo fails. We are using version 3.14.0-14 of NXRM.

@andrew.mitchell Could you file a JIRA issue at and attach a support zip for me as explained in this guide: Support Ticket Best Practices – Sonatype Support. The default ticket security should be yourself and sonatype so no one else will be able to see the contents of the zip.