Issue with "No staging repository is found"

I am having issue deploying my library to release state.
I posted the same question to Reddit, Stackoverflow and the plugin I am using but nobody seem to be able to point me in the right direction.

When the plugin is calling publishSigned , i get the exception

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No staging repository is found. Run publishSigned first

There are a lot more details on the issue ticket with all the steps I have tried.

Here is the repo of my project and the Travis build pipeline.

My project is pushed successfully to snapshot and staging but not to release.

As a new user I can only put two links in my post so I removed everything which were pointing to all the interesting bits and pieces of the problem. Here is the issue ticket with all the interesting links: the issue ticket

It sounds like this is a problem with If so, the right way to ask for help is to raise an issue in the “community support - open source hosting” project at



Thank you, I created

It was resolved ! Thank you. The issue was my version number was not starting by the letter v