Java 19 supported?

I’m trying to scan a project that requires Java 19 for one module.
I’ve tried to override with the addition of a .lift.toml file like this:

build = "mvn"
jdkVersion = "19"

but the loft build logs a warning and seeming ignores it:

Cloning directory "/home/lift/code_mount_a" to directory "/tmp/analyzing-9145ffc87e343c39"
Setting git defaults
Checking out commit 86fd0479d280440c8710a39c0a04b38b57c667c4
Looking for Lift configurations and build systems in the repository.
Unrecognized JDK version in the configuration (Just "19")

Is Java 19 supported, if no, are there plans to do so soon?

Per our documentation the jdkVersion field only supports values of “8”, “11” or “17”.
I am unaware of any plans to support non-LTS versions and this is the first request I’ve heard of it. I’ve pinged leadership in case they have plans I am unaware of, I may report back or they may reply. Perhaps your interest will change something.
Sorry for the probably not great news for you at this time and thanks for your interest in our product!