db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0000 .sql


I’m getting this error when setting up Sonatype IQ Server + Postgresql on k8s:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fatal error trying to start server
at com.sonatype.insight.brain.service.InsightBrainService$2.onError(
at com.sonatype.insight.brain.service.InsightBrainService.main(
Caused by: org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.init.CannotReadScriptException: Cannot read SQL script from class path resource [db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0000.sql]; nested exception is class path resource [db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0000.sql] cannot be opened be cause it does not exist

Caused by: class path resource [
db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0000.sql] cannot be opened because it does not exist

I’m following the steps indicated at External Database Configuration

Environment description:

  • Image: sonatype/nexus-iq-server:1.134.0
  • Postgresql 14.2

Any idea what’s going on?


Hi @rafael and welcome to the community!

Thanks for this information and apologies that you are experiencing trouble.

Have you been in touch with our Support team? Just wanted to first note that you can also report your issue at to receive licensed customer support, as it seems like you are a licensed customer. This is one of the services your license pays for.

Hi Maura,

Yes, I reported it but it seems I haven’t been added to the list of authorized persons yet (I just requested it again)
In the meantime, I was checking the application .jar file and I found that the requested file is included:

[root@nxiq-75bd8b95b4-lndwr nexus-iq-server]# jar -tvf nexus-iq-server-1.134.0-02.jar | grep schema_incremental_0000.sql
[root@nxiq-75bd8b95b4-lndwr nexus-iq-server]# jar -tvf nexus-iq-server-1.134.0-02.jar | grep “insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_”
100 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0007.sql
2444 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0003.sql
114 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0006.sql
134 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0008.sql
18460 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0009.sql
11738 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0002.sql
650 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0004.sql
112 Thu Mar 10 16:34:02 GMT 2022 db/insight_brain_dm/schema_incremental_0005.sql
[root@nxiq-75bd8b95b4-lndwr nexus-iq-server]#

That might explain the error.