Jenkins Build Policy Evaluation Pushed to GitHub

How do I use it?

Jenkins build pipelines are very powerful, allowing you to invoke a build step at any part of your build process. You can use the results of that build step to perform complex workflows. At Sonatype, we do code reviews via GitHub. It’s very useful to note the status of CI builds in our pull requests. Just as we’d like to know whether a build is passing or failing, we also like to know what the results of the policy evaluation is.

In this video example , we’ll be using the results of a policy evaluation to push data to a GitHub pull request.

Documentation for this process can be found in Chapter 17. Nexus IQ for Hudson/Jenkins . The Nexus Platform - Jenkins Plugin can be found in the Nexus Exchange.

View the video demo: Accelerate Development with Component Intelligence in GitHub

Where do I get this?

Who can I contact about it?
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