Jenkins import artifact in Nexus


I’m making a new installation of Jenkins and I’m now encountering a problem when publishing an artifact in Nexus.

Currently I am with Jenkins 2.426.3. I use the Nexus Platform Plugin 3.19.1-01.

Here is the message in the Nexus logs:
2024-02-08 13:08:49,396+0100 WARN [qtp1436347341-27566] kevin.moray - (ID e992e929-1b0e-443d-b858-4e46c3c05602) Response: [400] '[ValidationErrorXO{id='*', message='Cannot generate maven coordinate from assembled path 'be/fedris/BelEESSI/BelEESSI/1.6.8/BelEESSI-1.6.8-origin/test.war''}]'; mapped from: Cannot generate maven coordinate from assembled path 'be/fedris/BelEESSI/BelEESSI/1.6.8/BelEESSI-1.6.8-origin/test.war'

do you have any idea what is causing this error message?

The working version is Jenkins 2.361.2 and Nexus Platform plugin 3.11.20210621-093929.6318134

Its not a valid maven path

why ? I have already a previous version of the war in Nexus

That…doesn’t look right compared to your screenshot. Where did -origin/test.war come from?

Maven paths use the structure {groupId}/{artifactId}/{version}/{artifactId}-{version}[-{classifier}].{extension}

Where groupId has . replaced with /