Jenkins pipeline to execute nexusPolicyEvaluation for .net Application

Hi Team,

I’m Invoking a Jenkins Pipeline Script as
nexusPolicyEvaluation iqApplication: ‘DotNetApp’, iqStage: 'build’

but, Unable to find any component scan for .Net Application.

Looking solution for “How to integrate NexusIQ server for .Net Applications through Jenkins pipeline scripts?”

I’m using below configuration:-

  1. Jenkins pipeline script as a CI tool.
  2. NexusIQ server 3.14 pro.
  3. Windows C# application(Visual Studio 2017), which needs to scan through NexusIQ

Thanks and Regards,
Vinaykumar Bhandari

Hi Vinaykumar,

Sorry for the (very) delayed response. If you haven’t already, please open a ticket with our support group who can assist with your issue.