JIRA integration is not enabled; skipping issue creation

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to leverage the tickets auto-creation using the Nexus IQ jira plugin and made sure the webhook tests show SUCCESS, the applications are mapped jira projects but I found this error in the logs whenever I try to test it

814459 2022-05-31 15:13:27,766+0000 DEBUG [PolicyEvaluateService-900] com.sonatype.insight.brain.jira.JiraPolicyAlertNotifier - JIRA integration is not enabled; skipping issue creation

Is there another place I need to enable the integration from or anybody have seen this before ?


Hi @marquos.zaki! It looks like you’re intending to use the Jira plugin for Jira Server and you got the setup right. The log entry you mentioned is letting you know that the IQ-Jira integration for Jira Cloud is not enabled. So unless you are intending to use it for Jira Cloud, it should not be a problem.

Thanks @mharwood and yes I’m intending to use for JIRA server but I thought that errror was related as I’m not able to see JIRA tickets created after IQ evaluation runs and triggers the policy.

I reached back out to our Integrations team to see if they had any recommendations!

Make sure you have configured any policy in IQ to fire a notification via the webhook associated with the Jira plugin. This is one of the configuration steps: Nexus IQ for Jira

IQ policies do not send webhook notifications by default. They have to be set that way. This configuration step happens in IQ.