July 2023 Learn Package

The Sonatype Customer Education team is excited to share our newly released assets for the month of July:

Video: Lifecycle UI Tour Update

Our very popular Lifecycle UI Tour video got a much-needed update. Current to about IQ Server version 161, this video familiarizes new and almost-new Lifecycle users with the browser UI. Everyone from administrators to developers will benefit from having a strong command of UI elements.

Video: Just Show Me - Configure the System Notice in IQ Server

The system notice is a brief message that appears at the top of IQ Server pages, and at the IQ Server login prompt. It’s a simple, direct way for administrators to communicate with users. This microlearning video demonstrates how to configure it.

Video: Just Show Me - Create an Attribution Report through the Browser UI

One of the primary benefits of the Advanced Legal Pack is the ability to quickly generate an attribution report for every open-source component in a given application, which satisfies a key open-source license requirement. This microlearning video demonstrates how to generate one, for both single and multiple applications.

Ask Sloan: Software Composition Analysis-Curious in Shreveport

The Sonatype Platform is sometimes described as an SCA offering – Forrester and Gartner certainly seem to agree! But what is SCA (Software Composition Analysis)? And what role does it play in the creation of SBOMs, like those mandated by President Biden’s 2021 Cybersecurity Executive Order? This article provides a quick and casual overview, and outlines why SCA is at the heart of SBOMs.

Be sure to check out all of our assets on the Sonatype Learn site and Video Library. Happy learning!