June 2024 Learn Package - Unlock the Power of SBOMs!

The Sonatype Customer Education team understands the crucial role of Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) in your security strategy. We designed this learn package to support your journey with SBOMs—from introductory concepts to more advanced topics.

What’s included?

  • SBOMs Explained: A short, introductory lesson to set a foundation of SBOM knowledge.
  • VEX Explained: VEX what? This lesson was built to get you up to speed on the data that typically accompanies a software application’s SBOM documentation.
  • Intro to SBOM Manager: Have you heard about Sonatype’s new SBOM Manager? Take this quick lesson to learn how to start managing SBOMs for your software and the SBOMs you receive for third-party software.
  • Best Practices: Software Bill of Materials: With advice on generating, storing, sharing, and annotating SBOMs, this short lesson walks through the foundational practices to ensure your organization is bolstering its software supply chain health using SBOMs.
  • Scan an SBOM with Lifecycle: Watch this short video to see how to scan a Software Bill of Materials using Sonatype Lifecycle.

Effective SBOM management enhances your security posture by identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance. Our June Learn package teaches you how to explore proactive vulnerability management, ensure compliance and audit readiness, and engage with scenario-based learning using real-world examples of SBOMs. These best practices will prepare you to use SBOMs for proactive vulnerability management and compliance.

Dive into our June learn package today and unlock the full potential of SBOMs. Sonatype Customer Education aims to ensure you stay ahead in your security strategy!