Lack of documentation for implementing staging and tagging environment

Hi guys,

I’m new on Nexus, i was looking for promote staging and tagging environment. However, the current documents is like a joke. I can get the high level but don’t know how to implement. Can anyone else share me a detail documents to step by step follow ?

Thanks for the feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the help documentation. Have you had a chance to review the staging guide (link below)? Any way we can improve our content?

We have avoided the detailed step-by-step since this process needs to mimic your deployment and development lifecycle. The guide above does give an idea of how you can do it. Pro customers can also work with the Customer Success team for more detailed guidance.

I am also happy to discuss if you have any specific questions on how you should plan your environment.


Along with the topic Chris provided above, I wanted to make sure you know there are actually two Staging topics in the help right now (something I may need to change). Here is the other one:

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