Latest image tag shows different sha2 value than what it should be after nightly changes

Hello everyone,

During the cicd process, we create a latest tag which will point to the latest stable tag while the job is getting built by jenkins like below;

After everything is done, we definitely see that the last tagged image’s sha2 value is exactly the same as the latest image’s sha2 value.

For some reason after a day passed, the latest tag we build shows different sha2 than what it should be and this happens overnight. When we pull the latest image nexus retrieves one of maybe 4 5 images before. Something overrides latest tag somehow.

When I check nexus to understand what is going on, what catches my attention is a field named blob created and its value (Blob created Thu Mar 04 2021 02:30:38 GMT+0300 (GMT+03:00)). I mean there is a change happening every night beyond our control.

How the latest tags sha2 value change even though we do nothing? Why nexus saying blob created without we do nothing? What makes latest tag changed?