LDAP Search not returning all results

I have created new AD groups for use with my new Nexus OSS installation. When I try to map those groups to roles in Nexus, the groups are not showing up in the search.

If I use the “Verify user mapping” feature, with some hacks on the ldap page the groups are found so there’s no reason that I can find why they shouldn’t be available when mapping a role.

To find the groups with Verify user mapping, I first changed the LDAP user object to group instead of user. Then in the filter box, I put, without the brackets, of course:

samaccountname=<Partial Name of My Groups>*

The verify list only shows the first 20 groups returned so I extended the partial name to make sure that the new groups were in the first 20 and then they were returned in the verify user mapping result.

I return the user and group tab to its normal state (user object = user, remove the filter) and go back to Roles. The other groups that I had just seen in the verify list are shown when I start typing the group to map but these new groups I created are not listed. Even if I type it in manually and try to save I get an error.

Other AD tools I use show these new groups that are not available for roles right alongside the groups that are avaiable - they’re organizationally peers. Only Nexus is not showing them when I try to map a role.

Our AD team reminded me that some applications don’t properly handle large result sets - we have 70K+ groups in our AD environment. I’ve written enough AD code to remember that I had to write loops to get more than 5000 results from AD. I don’t know if these things are related; I’m just tossing them out for consideration.

Any other ideas why these new AD groups are not available for role mapping?

This sounds like a bug to me. Are you on the latest NXRM3?

We’re on 3.14.0-04.

There were some fixes to LDAP in 3.15(.1) however nothing I think that’d describe what you’ve said here.
Recommend filing a bug in https://issues.sonatype.org/projects/NEXUS/issues. Especially interested in more details of any errors you are seeing (screens and/or text depending on what they are).
My 2 cents,

Thanks, Joe. I submitted a bug report.

There are no screenshots, etc. that would help; there would just be a list of groups that have some missing groups. No errors; it returns some groups so the app thinks it’s doing the right stuff.

Cool thanks.
The team should review when they triage and get back to you with Qs.
RE no errors, I must have misread “Even if I type it in manually and try to save I get an error.” or read in haste?

That’s my mistake. There was no error message; the error was simply the missing data. Sorry for the confusion.