LDAP server connection issue

i am using sonatype nexus repository 3 docker image in k8s cluster. i am trying to enable ldap authentication for users to login using jumpcloud(LDAP server) credentials. i can establish the connection with LDAP server but cannot add user and group settings.
this is the error that am i getting while tying to map user and group.

can someone help?

That suggests you don’t have your configuration correct - this is something you’d need to talk to your LDAP admin to determine what these values would be.

i am the ldap admin. FYI: connection step is good. i have pasted the screenshot. only issue with user and group settings.

these are the values that i am passing for user and group setting
configuration template: generic ldap server
user relative DN: ou=Users,o=*******,dc=jumpcloud,dc=com
map ldap group as roles : uncheck
all other values are preset.

can you suggest whats wrong in this

The user DN is relative to the base connection DN. So you should leave the “dc=jumpcloud,dc=com” off of the user DN.