Licensing per user not clear


After reading this FAQ I still have doubts about the “licensing per user” in regards of amount of servers.

If I have 1 user (me) and I would like to have 1 Nexus server for docker images, 1 Nexus server for npm repo and in front of those 2, another Nexus server just for being proxy of them. Would I need 1 license or 3 licences?

Thank you very much!

Hi Sebastián, our pricing is entirely based on users - you can run as many servers as you want. The minimum package is up to 35 users and should cover your needs. See our pricing page here (tick nexus repo pro): Sonatype Nexus Platform Plans & Pricing | Sonatype


Thank you very much Ilkka! I think it would be a nice example to add to the FAQ guide. At least to me, that was the missing piece to be 100% sure.

The ‘1 user’ was just a way to simplify the question. With your answer I understand that for 35 users and even 36 Nexus servers, I would still need only 35 licenses (1 per user and again an hypothetical and edge case to understand without doubt).

Thanks again for your help!