Lifecycle Quick Start Video Series

The Sonatype Customer Education team just finished up a four-part video series that walks you through our Lifecycle Quick Start Guide. All of the videos are embedded in the guide and are also available here for your viewing pleasure.

  • Download and Start the IQ Server: The first video in the Nexus Lifecycle Quick Start series shows you how to download, unpack, and start the IQ Server. All is under two minutes!
  • Scan an Application: Now that you have the IQ Server up-and-running, let’s get into Lifecycle and start scanning applications.
  • View Scan Results: This is going great! You’ve already installed a demo instance of IQ and then ran your first Lifecycle scan. Now, let’s dive deeper and look at your scan results in our Application Composition Report.
  • Remediate Violations: Now that you know where policy violations exist, let’s get started fixing!

Thank you for watching, and happy learning!
Sonatype Customer Education