Lift analysis never stops, even when build logs say "Analysis has completed"

Recently I’ve had several Lift analysis runs never stop. Sometimes the build log shows the output and contains “Analysis has completed” at the end. Yet the Recent Jobs says the jobs are still running. In fact I have several that say they are still running after 2 days.

An analysis that just ran and says “Analysis has completed” in the build logs but says isn’t finished:

Here is an analysis that are still running (supposedly) after two days:

Of course, immediately after I posted, the one I just ran actually finished (it took 14 minutes on a really small repository, however).

But the other two still say they are running after 2 days:

Hi @scottleber , thanks for the report. We had an internal issue that we resolved in the past couple days. We found that with the reports that errored they would still say running as you described. We have an internal ticket to resolve that behavior. But things should be normal now again and your on demand jobs should complete. Please let us know if you see future issue not completing because it may be different.
Have a good weekend!

In case not clear (it wasn’t to me on reread, so posting again for public), there’s still an issue where the jobs will just appear to hang and will never complete.
However, what was causing them frequently (e.g. Scott’s case in December) was resolved.
So the cause may be seen occasionally but should not be regular, or if it is occuring again regularly, it is worth a shout or another post.

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