Limit repos in nexus 2 so that it rejects all new artifacts deployment unless that upload is a newer version of an existing artifact

We are using nexus 2 and nexus 3 at the same time. And we are considering migrating all nexus 2 maven packages to our nexus 3. However, we also want to rename all the packages in nexus 2 so that it conforms to our new name convention. After some investigation, we found it a very hefty job because a lot of users need to change pom.xml.

Our current solution is this, we ask our users to upload new artifacts to nexus 3 using the new name convention. While we still need to preserve nexus 2 for some time. Say users already have a package whose group name is com.example.prod1, and the latest version is 1.0.0; users should still be able to upload 1.1.0, 1.2.0 etc. version of com.example.prod1. But since the users didn’t upload com.example.prod2 or com.example.prod2 before, he cannot upload new artifacts like com.example.prod2 or com.example.prod3. Is that configurable in nexus 2?

Our nexus oss version is 2.14.9. Thanks for your help.

It’s more of a migration question. Anybody have a thought on that?