Maven-metadata.xml is not accurate after version scheme change

We’ve changed our artifact versioning scheme from 0.1.0 to v2-0.1.0. However we notice, in the maven-metadata that’s generated, the older version (without the v2) is still marked as the latest, despite the file itself having been updated with the latest version (now using the v#-* scheme). We use the Nexus staging Maven plugin, but I’m not sure if the maven-metadata file is created by it or on Nexus itself. I’m guessing it’s determining “latest” by a alphanumeric sort rather than by the upload dates. Is there a way to work around/fix this so that the latest is actually the most recent one uploaded? Here is an example:

That isn’t a proper maven version number so comparison won’t work -

Okay, thanks. Then nothing to be done then, I guess. We considered putting it as a qualifier (after version) but felt that was misleading since versions will be based on v2 or v3 lines rather than v2 or v3 being synchronized into a single version. I guess Maven would want us to separate them into separate projects. I guess we should add a warning about any service using the “latest” element in maven-metadata.xml. We discovered this was a problem when checking