provides wrong maven-packages


we found a bug in our build-environment, which is connected to our Nexus Repository Manager (OSS 3.38.1-01) in relationship with the repository

The problem is in relationship with internal hosted repositories and other proxy repositories. Inside the oracle maven repository theres the microsoft-package “sqljdbc4” existing with the POM-file “sqljdbc4-4.0.pom”. If i try to open the pom-file, there’s no usable XML-Data and we’ve got a Bad Request.

The correct package is also available in Nexus, but in the different repository “”. The POM is filled with XML-data and everything works well with that.

We have this problem with further repositories and don’t know how this can happen. It seems like the data will be proxied between the repos or uploaded to the proxy repo by us. But as far as i understand it should’nt be possible to upload data into a proxy-repository.

The affected repositories are all in a reepository-group, which is called “maven-public”. We saw that different data from other repositories is always duplicated in the oracle maven repo, but it’s always corrupt data. We’ve investigated the complete log, but we’ve didn’t found something, which explains the problem more detailed.

Do you have any similar problem noticed? What’s the solution to solve this (Delete and re-create proxy-repo?)?