Migrate from Server based Nexus Repository manager to Docker Based Repository manager

Looking for step by step Guide while migrating from Server based Nexus repository to Container based repository .

We have already copied the DB Backup and restored for the container based appliation. Now we are looking to migrated the blob and various repositories without impact.

Thanks in advance.


@mharwood May i know , if some one from the product team can share the steps here?

@dsawa Hi David , can you please advise here?

Hi Avneesh,
This is a community forum where community members may or may not be willing and/or able to help with your question or issue. If you have purchased a license for Nexus Repository Pro and it is installed on this instance you can use our support system at https://support.sonatype.com to get assistance. To purchase a license or find out more about the benefits of being a Sonatype customer please see Nexus Repository | Software Component Management.