Migrate nexus artifacts and docker images from one nexus instance to another

I need help in migrating the nexus artifacts and docker images from one nexus instance to another instance we are currently using our private chart with this image sonatype/nexus3:3.6.0.

But now we have decided to use the public chart with this image
You can find the public chart here

The issue I’m facing is how to move the artifacts from our old instance to the new instance. I’ve found this old blog post that I’m not sure is working for Nexus 3 as few people have commented

Can anyone please help me in this. Any guidance would be much apprieceted.


I’ve tried this solution

And few others like this but it didn’t work. I tried by copying all data and also by copying only db and components directories, but it throws an exception on upgrade.
I’m attaching logs for both scenarios,
  1. Copy all data from old nexus instance to the new one.
  2. Copy only the db directory

Upgrade_failed_all_data_copy.pdf (116.5 KB)
Upgrade_failed_copy_db_dir.pdf (116.5 KB)

Can anyone please take a look. It is really important. Any help would be much appricieated.

The article you just referenced is for upgrading very old nexus instances 3.0.x versions to newer versions. It’s not relevant to what you’re trying to do here.

You’ll need to relocate the entire work directory of the original server. See here:



I am trying to migrate docker images from one nexus Hosted repository to other using api.

Can some one provide me some update here