Migrate Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerOSS 3.37.3-02 to Sonatype Nexus RepositoryOSS 3.68.0-04

I am migrating Nexus3 (which is running on centos7) to another machine of ubuntu 22 (with docker conatainer). For this, I have run docker container of nexus, after successfully accessing of nexu3 on docker container, I stooped it, and replace the blobs and db directory with old one. And When I started the container then it is giving me the attached error on status notification:
I can see the repositories but unable to access files of the repos. It is giving me 500 internal server error.
Please give me solution of my query.

Please check this attachment also for your reference

Does the service account running in the docker container have access and the correct permissions to the directories you have copied over from your centos host?

Hi Laurence,
Actually in old server the owner name is different but according to docker docs of sonatype it should be 200 so after copy the directories I change thwe owner with 200 and start docker container.