Migrating Data from Nexus2 to Nexus3 via Upgrade Agent

based on the documentation to upgrade Nexus2 to Nexus3 we can use the Upgrade Agent but now I am wondering is it possible to use it for data migration, my use case is, I have already Nexus3 with data inside, for the other project we are using Nexus2 which now we want to move data to Nexus3, just wondering if migrating in this way cause some configuration issue or overriding blob in Nexus3.

Does anyone tried it for migrating data from one instance to already existed instance with data inside?

I am using the community edition and not the PRO.

Iā€™m afraid not, the 2->3 migrator was designed to be used a single time.

With Nexus Repository Pro you could use an Import task. Without Pro formats do have defined APIs so you can always write code to pull content (or read from the filesystem) and upload it to Nexus 3 using APIs.

What do you mean by Single time?

It means the nexus 3 instance is expected to be empty.

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Oh dear, so as I do not have the PRO license, then I have to do everything manually, is there any script outside, some do not support NUGET repositories.

Thanks man!