MIgrating Nexus OSS 3.13 to AWS

We have a Nexus OSS v3.13 on-premises running on a VM which we want to migrate to AWS. We want to use S3 for blob store. There is only a single instance on-prem that has about 2TB of blobs.

I think the version 3.13 doesn’t allow migrating the blob to S3 first then migrating application with OrientDB to EC2 instance. I found some discussions around migrating the data to S3 and manually updating the OrientDB.

Has anyone done this before? Do you have any recommendations?

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Nitin, we usually recommend this sort of thing happen in two stages to reduce risk: moving the deployment up to AWS, using (for example) EBS for the blobs, and then converting to S3 from there. The orthodox way at the moment is to use the NXRM Pro “Blob Store Groups” feature, which lets you siphon blobs from one store to another while NXRM is live.

Thanks Scott.

Your suggestion aligns with what I had in mind. We don’t have an option to upgrade to pro at the moment.