Migrating repositories from OSS 2.14.16 to 3.23.0: Usability of old nexus 2 instance

Hello everyone,

our company will finally upgrade our old nexus 2 instance to nexus 3 very soon. In today’s planning meeting, we had some questions regarding the usability of the old instance during the migration process.

As far as I understand from what I read in the forums and the documentation, the old nexus 2 instance remains active during the migration. The only shortcoming seems to be that configuration changes done after the upgrade process is started are not propagated to the new nexus 3 installation (which is pretty much expected).

The important question I can not find an answer for is about the operational status of repositories during migration. Is there any kind of lock setup on the repository that is currently migrated? Or are we still able to read and even write to the nexus 2 instance? In our current planning, we are expecting that we have read-only access, but I can not find anything about that in the documentation.

If I am just blind, please point me to the correct location of the documentation :slight_smile:

Best regards

There is a section in help for upgrading - Upgrading from Nexus Repository Manager 2

Thanks for that link. I thought I read enough details there, but apparently I was wrong.

I found the following snippet from Upgrade Procedures

If I understand this correctly, then the old nexus 2 instance stays fully operational and all changes are synchronized to our nexus 3, right? If so, we got no issues :slight_smile:

That is correct. This isn’t an upgrade, it is a migration of data into the new Nexus Repo 3 instance. The original Nexus Repo 2 instance will function normally during and after the procedure.


Can someone Pls tell me how to understand this is going good even after 10 days of process? without any result?