Migration of data from a host to another one (both running Nexus 2.8.1-01)

Hi everyone,

I have 2 servers hosting Nexus 2.8.1-01, server A containing production data and server B containing no data. I wanted to migrate all the data from A to B, with the intention of later upgrading to last Nexus 2 version on B (and to last version 3 later).
Therefore, I copied the whole work directory (nexus-work) from A to B and made slight adaptations (the base URL and the LDAP user).
As a result, the repositories look right, but when trying to open them I get the error “Problem accessing /service/local/repo_group”.
Could you please give me a hint?


Check the nexus.log file, you should see more information there about the problem. BTW, this sounds like it might be a file system owner/permission issue.