Migration path from Artifactory to NXRM3

Hello, I’m currently working on migrating Artifactory 6.11 to NXRM3. There is a doc outlining the migration path from Nexus-2, however I can’t seem to find anything wrt migrating to NXRM3.
At this point I’m looking into simply manually (via API) uploading artifacts from Artifactory into similarly-named readonly repos in NXRM3. A new repo structure will be created in NXRM3 going forward for new work.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who’s tried this migration before, or any suggestions anyone can offer.


  • Richard

Hi Richard,

I think you are on the right track. The first thing I recommend is to differentiate between dependencies and applications.

When it comes to dependencies, I also recommend differentiating between internally developed dependencies and public, open source ones.

For public, open source ones, you can simply create proxy repositories in Nexus to point to public registries like Central, NPM, etc… and for internally developed dependencies, you can create proxy repositories that point to your Artifactory instance. As builds ask for these components through Nexus, it should start caching these artifacts in Nexus.

For your applications, since these are not dependencies and can’t be called by a build, the API upload is probably your best option. Check out the examples in the below URL:

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