Missing files after upgrading from nexus-2.14.20-02 to nexus-3.29.2-02

Hi there,

I had to upgrade our nexus repository manager from latest version 2 (2.14.20-02) to the latest version 3, which at the time was 3.29.2-02. So, both of the versions were running simultaneously on the same machine and I did a sync from the web gui using the download method. However, after the sync, we found out that there were some missing files (a few snapshots, which appear to be pom files). I did several attempts to sync the repositories and also tried to create a new machine, on which I installed the newest version 3 (3.30.0-01). The result is still the same. I cannot see any errors during the sync as well. I also tried to sync only this particular repository, from which the snapshots are missing, but for some reason the sync does not even start. It just stays on status “RUNNING”, without any progress. This is the short story, I can share more details if you request. Does anyone have some idea, what I am missing here?

What do you mean by “sync”?

Transfer all repos from nexus2 to nexus3. This is done via the upgrade capability. You specify the url to nexus 2 and an access token and then you are presented with a list of all repos, available on nexus 2. Then you can choose which ones you want to sync

Ah, I see what you mean now. I’m unsure why you would be missing files. If you are a paid user, I’d recommend you reach out to your support contacts to resolve this. If you are an OSS user you might want to open up a JIRA ticket at issues.sonatype.org under the Dev - Nexus Repo (NEXUS) project.

Thank you. I have opened ticket NEXUS-27263