Modify/set admin password in nexus3 sonatype via helm chart

Have anyone tried of setting admin password via helm chart ?

I tried below seems like not working .

helm install my-nexus sonatype/nexus --set

Where did you find this property? Checking our source I don’t see this particular property.

You should be able to use an environment variable NEXUS_SECURITY_INITIAL_PASSWORD containing the password which will only work for the first time Nexus is started.

I did add env variable “NEXUS_SECURITY_INITIAL_PASSWORD” in helm values.yaml . This is not working for me. Appreciate your response . Thanks

      value: "#####"

Hello Richard,

Could you also try adding the following in conjunction with the above:

   value: "false"

Alternatively, try the following:

helm install my-nexus sonatype/nexus \
--set secret.nexusAdminSecret.enabled=true \
--set secret.nexusAdminSecret.adminPassword=myDesiredPassword

Hi @laurencet , Thanks much .
But either of your solutions are not working for setting up admin pwd while bootstrapping nexus oss instance. :confounded:
I believe* only works incase of nxrm-ha .