Move artifacts from one folder to another folder

Please refer to the image. All I am trying to do is move around artifacts from one folder to another folder.

I understand I can delete the artifact and reupload it but that seems like a work around.
So please let me know how to move them for better organization of the folder structure.

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You’ll need to re-upload them.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Is it possible to accomplish the move of artifacts with the CLI approach to the website ?

Folders in Repository are virtual, they’re just there as representations of the coordinates of the components. For example, if you have a maven component with the groupID coordinate of com.example.connector, then the path of the component will be /com/example/connector/etc. You can’t really change one without the other.

The exception is raw repositories, but there’s no ‘move’ function currently, only downloading and re-uploading to a new location. Is this your situation? Are you using a raw repository?