Move Nexus 3 data directory containing NX2 hard links

We have an OSS Nexus 3 which was migrated from Nexus 2 using ‘File system hard linking’ long ago.
Now we have to move this NX3 to another environment, a new empty instance is setup and we need to copy the data directory from old to new, and also the NX2 storage directory.
Is this possible?
NX2 storage directory is in some way hard linked from NX3 data directory and I suspect this is not easy to move without breaking the links.
Anyone have experience of this, or know if there are some way of getting on with such a move?
Or if there is a way of first ‘import’ artifacts from NX2 storage using the links into the blob?

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In unix file systems hard links are reference counted to file content, the new hard links in Nexus Repo 3 storage are just as valid as the old ones in Nexus Repo 2 storage. And since they are reference counted, you can completely delete the old Nexus 2 hard links, and the content will be preserved in Nexus Repo 3. Don’t worry about the old storage, just treat the new storage as if it were the only copy.