Moving Blobstore to S3


We want to move some blobstores created on an EFS (File) into S3.
Is there any documentation how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Marco,
Here you go: Change repository blob store

Hi @dsawa,
Thanks for your reply! Was able to transfer data for one repository :+1:
We also have some proxy repositories which are configured with a file-blobstore as well. Is there any chance to move them? The are not listed in the task.

Unfortunately that task is enabled only for hosted repositories. I’m afraid the only way to migrate your proxy repository blobs from EFS to S3 is to create new proxy repository using S3 blob store and delete only one. Since this is a proxy repository all packages will be downloaded from upstream on demand. However, if you happen to have a proxy pointing to an upstream that no longer hosts packages you need then you would have to export your existing cached proxy packages and import them back into a new hosted repository. See Repository Export and Repository Import

As it seems like you are a licensed customer, I just wanted to note that you can also report your case at to receive licensed customer support. This is one of the services your license pays for. You would have to register your organisation on, then authorise your ID. You can find instructions on how to do that at My Sonatype